Standard Conditions of Contract

5 sets of Standard Conditions of contract for inclusion within tender/quotation documents are provided:-

You should select the set applicable to the nature of your procurement.

Avoid re-stating issues covered in the conditions of contract within the specification.

Model "Special Conditions" are provided at the end covering:

Delete the ones which do not apply to this procurement.

Bespoke Special Conditions of contract may be added here for issues specific to the contract but not addressed in the specification. Where applicable, these will tend to be council procurement policy issues which are relevant to the subject matter of the particular contract but do not directly relate to the quality & performance standards of the supply, e.g. community benefits, sustainability, equalities requirements. This is currently a developing area for the council. The Corporate Procurement team will be able to advise you on these, where applicable.

One further set of Standard conditions is provided:-

These are applicable to where the council is the seller, e.g. surplus materials, so may apply at the end of the procurement cycle.

As set out in Financial Regulations, sale of surplus material should normally be by competitive tender. In that event, a simplified document like the Low Value Invitation to Quote (suitably modified by reversing the council as purchaser and bidder as supplier roles). Alternatively, sale to a single party may be permitted. In either event, these conditions should form part of the contract governing the sale for the protection of the council's position.

Wording as at 20 January 2016 (Angus Council Intranet Page)

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